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Salvage Title Cars & Trucks – Important Info on the different types of titles

Salvage Title Cars & TrucksWhat is a Salvage Title Car: Things to know about Rebuilt Titles

When buying a used car that has been labeled a Salvage Title or Rebuilt Title, you need to know what the differences are.

It’s critical that you know a some key info before buying a Salvage Title Car to avoid being negatively surprised later on.

Things to Consider When Buying a Salvage Title Car or Truck

Important that before you purchase a salvage title car or truck, you know the following information:
Title Brands May Be Assigned To A Title For Many Different Reasons. There are certain things to consider when buying a used car, especially if it’s a Salvaged, or Totaled Title Vehicle. There are different situations that a Salvaged or Totaled brand might be applied to a vehicle’s title, so make sure you’re prepared for all of them.

A Salvage Title Car is a car that’s most likely been in a significant accident
Always remember that you shouldn’t be spending money on something before knowing what it is and how it came to be in the current state. Consider this: If you have no idea what a Salvage Title is, and you go to sell it, or trade it in at a dealership, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

Mechanics should be consulted when buying Clear Title Cars, but more so when buying Branded Title Vehicles
Well established professional Mechanics have experience in typical repairs and know what to look for on vehicles that have had major damage. Many mechanics can tell you that a Salvage Title Car was in an accident, but what you want to know is exactly WHERE the damage was, and whether or not it was repaired correctly. Our suggestion is that you find a mechanic that you’re comfortable with, or has a good reputation, and take the Salvage Title Car there for a full inspection.

Make sure that the person selling the car is the person on the Vehicle’s Title
This applies to ALL used cars. Make sure that the person on the title is the one selling you the car. Otherwise, you might lose all of your money AND be an accessory to a car theft.

Financing for a Branded Title is usually difficult to get
Car Dealers Do Not Treat Salvage Titles The Same As Clear Titles. Many banks will not grant you the “usual” financing for a Salvage Title Car… So, if you’re looking to buy a Salvaged (or Rebuilt) Title Car, be prepared to pay a higher percentage on your loan. However, I’ve found that usually, if you offer the bank a 30%-50% down payment, they will finance you.

Run a Vin Check – Vehicle History Report For The Salvage Title Car
Vin Checks are VITAL for looking up the Vehicle History, which may reveal many hidden issues.
Getting a vehicle history Report for a car with a rebuilt title may seem like a waste, since you already KNOW the car was in a accident; the Salvage Title proves it. But, salvage Titles may be issued for a wide range of different “Losses”, and so it’s important to know not only WHEN the Car was branded with a Salvage Title, but also for what reason, different “damages/losses” mean different things, so be prepared!