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Flood Damaged Cars – VIN Check for peace of mind

Make sure you do a Free VIN Checks before buying a used car to make sure it doesn’t have any flood damage. It’s important to know what you are getting yourself into especially if you find a car you like and it’s being offered for a great price. Take the extra 5 minutes to run a VIN Check to verify the vehicles repair history and title.

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Be extra careful because of what super storm Sandy has done. Cars with flood damage are being circulated on the used car market now. Flood damaged cars may have a wide range of problems such as the following:

  1. Stalling engine for no apparent reason
  2. Electronic equipment working intermittently or failing to function
  3. Anti-lock brakes may not function properly
  4. Airbags may not deploy quick enough or at all
  5. Allergies may also arise due to mold

It’s quick easy to get a free VIN check, which should show you instantly the information you should know before buying a used car. Some of the details available in the report are

  1. How many previous owners
  2. How many times the airbags have been deployed
  3. What damages this car has stood up against through its lifetime
  4. How many repair services has it received
  5. And what is the estimated value considering the list above

Get a VIN Check Now! – click here