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Vehicle History Reports help you make a well informed purchase decision on a used vehicle.

You should know what they know… Millions Vin Check reports are run every month by auto auctions, dealers and consumers!

A vehicle history report will answer common questions of concerns such as:

1. How many people have owned this car?
2. Has the car ever been in an accident?
3. Has the car been damaged by floods, fires, hail or other natural disaster?
4. Is the mileage on the odometer trustworthy?
5. Has the car ever been recalled?
6. Was the car used as a service vehicle (police car, taxi, etc.)?
7. Has the car ever had a branded title (e.g., junked, salvaged or rebuilt)?
8. Was the car ever repossessed or stolen?
9. Has the car ever been sold at auction?
10. Is there a lien on the vehicle?

VIN Reports Check these Important Areas:

Vehicle Title Check
Vehicle Problem Check
Vehicle Odometer Check
Vehicle Use and Event Check

Vehicle disposition:

* Salvaged
* Rebuilt
* Fire Damage
* Damage
* Frame Damage
* Lemon
* Salvage Auction
* Water Damage
* Rolled Back
* Broken
* Exceeds Limits
* Suspect Miles
* Accidents
* Theft
* Police / Taxi Use
* Fleet Car

Get a FREE VIN Check Now! – click here