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Car History / Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – Free VIN Number Decode Information
You will be shown the year, make, model, style and country of assembly and how many vehicle history records there are for that specific vehicle. To get a full vehicle history report, choose one of the report options. The Unlimited is very popular when car shopping because for 60 days you can run additional reports.

Manual VIN Decode

17 digit VIN numbers can be decoded by breaking it first into 6 fields and then using the decode tables below to translate the VIN (vehicle identification number) into a description. Several of the fields are manufacturer specific and are not included in the tables below:

1. Character #1, length 3 of the VIN number is the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) the first character is the country, the next 1 or 2 designates the manufacturer. (see table below)
2. Character #4, length 5 of the VIN number is the body style or features, varies by manufacturer
3. Character #9, length 1 of the VIN number is a check digit, helps verify that the VIN has been entered accurately
4. Character #10, length 1 of the VIN number is the model year (see table below)
5. Character #11, length 1 of the VIN number identifies the assembly plant
6. Character #12, length 6 of the VIN number is the manufacturer sequence number

There are over 1 million VIN patterns which includes the WMI and Body Style, to look up a specific VIN and get a Vehicle History Report

Auto History Report Peace of mind

World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) Note that not all the codes have 3 positions. In the case of two position codes, the blank code is not a blank, but usually represents part of the body style or division. If the third position is a “9”, it means that the manufacturer will produce less than 500 units per year.

Digit 1 Digit 2 Digit 3 Manufacturer Country
1 F Ford USA
1 G General Motors USA
1 G C General Motors / Chevrolet USA
1 G M General Motors / Pontiac USA
1 L Ford / Lincoln USA
1 L Ford / Mercury USA
1 N Nissan USA USA
1 V W Volkswagen USA USA
1 Y V Mazda USA USA
2 Y Ford Canada Canada
2 Y 1 Chevrolet Canada Canada
2 G 1 Pontiac Canada Canada
2 G General Motors Canada Canada
2 H M Hyundai Canada Canada
2 M Mercury Canada Canada
3 F Ford Mexico Mexico
3 G General Motors Mexico Mexico
3 V W Volkswagen Mexico Mexico
4 F Mazda USA USA
4 M Mercury USA
4 S Subaru-Isuzu Automotive USA
5 L Lincoln USA
6 F Ford Australia Australia
6 H General Motors Holden Australia Australia
6 M M Mitsubishi Australia Australia
6 T 1 Toyota Australia Australia
9 B W Volkswagen Brazil Brazil
J A Isuzu Japan
J F Subaru Japan
J H Honda Japan
J M Mazda Japan
J N Nissan Japan
J S Suzuki Japan
J T Toyota Japan
K L Daewoo Korea
K M H Hyundai Korea
K N Kia Korea
S A J Jaguar England
S A L Land Rover England
S C C Lotus cars England
T R U Audi Germany
V F 1 Renault France
V F 3 Peugeot France
V F 7 Citroen France
V A U Audi Germany
W B A BMW Germany
W B A BMW Germany
W D B Mercedes-Benz Germany
W P 0 Porsche Germany
W V 2 Volkswagen Germany
W V W Volkswagen Germany
Y K 1 Saab Finland, Sweden
Y S 1 Saab Finland, Sweden
Z D F Ferrari Dino Italy
Z F A Fiat Italy
Z F F Ferrari Italy

Check Your VIN

Model Year – Position #10

J= 1988 – K= 1989 – L= 1990 – M= 1991 – N= 1992 – P= 1993 – R= 1994
S= 1995 – T= 1996 – V= 1997 – W= 1998 – X= 1999 – Y= 2000
1= 2001 – 2= 2002 – 3= 2003 – 4= 2004 – 5= 2005 – 6= 2006 – 7 2007 – 8 2008 – 9 2009
A 2010 – B 2011 – C 2012 – D 2013 – E 2014 – F 2015 – G 2016 – H 2017 – I 2018